why you will choose the mil series

Resistant to freezing

The MIL series uses no antifreeze caps or other supplemental fittings. Exceptionally large diameters and low intermediate pressure, all leading to reduced airspeed while still maintaining an enormous flow rate. The design minimizes moving parts, providing a regulator that resists freezing even under the most extreme conditions.

fieldworthy like no other

The first stage itself weighs almost 1 kg. The massive body of the first stage makes it resistant to rough handling. As well for the second stage, its raw design makes it really resistant to wear and tear.

mouthpiece design

Since one of the greatest points of flow restriction is the bite area and consequently the front teeth, the second stage is fitted with a specially designed mouthpiece that gives you a much more comfortable bite at the same time as it keeps your teeth from blocking the air path.

no bubbles in your line of sight

A common problem that other manufacturers not fully pay attention to is the width of the exhaust tee. If you have it short, there's a high risk that the exhaust bubbles get in the way of the divers line of sight. On the MIL Series, this problem is absent. We have extended the exhaust tee to make sure that all exhaust bubbles pass by the sides of the divers head and not disturb the sight.

great modularity

The first stage design features six or five low-pressure ports depending on model. Moveable second stage connections allow the diver a vast variety of different connection options. This means that there is a configuration available for virtually every diver and situation.

swedish manufacturing & quality

All parts of the regulator are designed, manufactured and assembled in Sweden.

Lifetime warranty

We are so confident in the quality of the MIL Series that we provide the original owner with a lifetime warranty.