Why is Divex using their own non-standard Low Pressure hose connections?

Divex regulators are working on a lower intermediate pressure (5 bar) than mostly other brands (8-10) bar. The reason why Divex have chosen to use other hose connections is simple:

The Second stage of Divex regulators has an upstream design. If the intermediate pressure in the First stage becomes too high, it will lead to a more and more heavily breathed Second stage. Therefore, Divex has chosen to design regulators with other Low Pressure port thread dimensions that no other manufacturers are using, to prevent divers from mixing Divex Regulator 1st & 2nd stages with other brands.

The MIL Series regulators have 6 or 5 low-pressure ports, all with the same thread (M13x1). As standard comes two adapters (external thread M13x1, internal thread UNF 3/8") in order to be able to connect BCD-hoses etc. The two high pressure ports have the international standard thread, UNF 7/16".

If Divex regulators now are manufactured with an upstream design, isn’t the risk imminent that the regulator gets very heavily breathed if the intermediate pressure becomes higher than factory standard?

No. All our regulators are equipped with a Pressure Relief Valve. If the intermediate pressure rises up to or beyond 10-12 bar, the Pressure Relief Valve is activated to make sure the regulator doesn’t get too heavily breathed. Remember, always abort the dive if the Pressure Relief Valve is activated.

I have heard that Divex regulators are expensive. Why?

Divex is a brand that is known for Quality, Reliability, Durability and Performance. All our regulators are designed for extreme conditions such as deep diving and coldwater diving and all are designed, manufactured and tested in Sweden. We believe and take pride in the following: You get what you pay for.

Does it excist a Service kit for the general diver?

No. The reason why we do not attach a Service kit with each regulator is because of safety reasons. If someone that doesn’t know how the regulator works technically, disassembles it and then accidentally assembles it incorrectly and makes the wrong setups, it can lead to severe injury or death. Service training is only availabe for companies that are in the diving business.

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