The mil series - performance like no other

extreme performance

The features are unique to make these regulators perform at their maximum constantly.

first stage

First of all, the intermediate pressure is set to 5 bar, this means less gas density. Secondly, the first stage is designed with a built-in turbo that contributes to a light breathed regulator at any depth. The turbo works as following: When the diver inhales, gas passes by a channel with an opening inside the LP-port. This channel leads into the piston chamber and when gas is passing by the channel's opening, an underpressure occours inside this piston chamber. The piston is forced down, not only by the spring but also due to this under pressure and opens the mechanism even more and the gas delivery becomes greater from the HP-section.

To get as much out as possible of this boost effect, all LP-port channels but one must be blocked. Therefore are all the blindplugs, adaptors and octopus hose nipples equipped with a tube on the top. This tube works as a metal sealing so no gas in the particular LP-port can suck gas from the piston chamber. Only the primary regulator hose is designed without this tube, just to enable a maximum deep diving boost effect.


The inner diameter measures 7 mm which contributes to a greater gas flow.

second stage

We often get to hear that our second stage is big, even enormous. But there's a reason behind the size as well. The bigger diameter you have on the inhalation membrane, the greater is the force moving the mechanism inside. The second stage has a unique design in the term of the mechanism operation. At the beginning of an inhalation a tilting movement is progressed. During a powerful inhalation this tilting movement turns into an axial movement and enables greater airflow, without any violent experience.

- Mouthpiece

Since one of the greatest points of flow restriction is the bite area and consequently the front teeth, the second stage is fitted with a specially designed mouthpiece that gives you a much more comfortable bite at the same time as it keeps your teeth from blocking the air path.

• No silicone, we use another polymer that is harder and more stable in your mouth.
• The bite parts are thicker which increases the airflow.
• Borders under the divers lips close in far better, you don’t have to squeeze the mouthpiece with your lips.
• The bite parts are designed with an air channel that not inhibit on the airflow.

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